Deciphering the Code of Free Solicitor Advice

What do you call an empty seat on a bus full of solicitors going off a cliff? If your answer is a missed opportunity, then you share the same opinion of solicitors that many others do. It is universally, miserably low, but who can blame you. Most solicitors are ambulance chasers anyways or so it seems. They are always on the prowl, looking to sue the next person. There have to be other things that solicitors are good for, giving them a valid place in society. If not for them, who else would brave the choppy waters of the convoluted legal system, fighting for the rights of their clients in the UK?

Speaking of their place in society, solicitors come in a wide variety of specializations. When preparing to choose one, remember to always ask for a consultation and get Free Solicitor Advice about the issue you are dealing with. This consultation is where you ask the solicitor questions, and make sure they are able to provide the service that you need. So let’s look at the three general categories of solicitors and then a few of the specializations. Thus investigating how the solicitor who practices it might be able to fight, or litigate, for you in court.

As to the generalities, they are civil, administrative and criminal. Civil solicitors handle court cases between organizations and people. For example, a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident, this would be dealt with by a civil case. The goal of civil law is dispute resolution. Administrative law is the process of rule making. Criminal law is meting out punishment, or defending from punishment, depending on the type of solicitor.

Moving to specialties, let’s start with Mesothelioma and Asbestos solicitors, who are civil legal aid solicitors in London. Mesothelioma and Asbestosis are work related diseases. Asbestos is a small fiber that when inhaled, does tremendous damage to the lining of the lungs. This damage can lead to Mesothelioma, a lung cancer. Both diseases are fatal. We shall move on to divorcing next.

Almost half of couples in Britain will get a divorce by the time their children are 16. This means that a lot of people will potentially need to contact a legal aid divorce solicitor. Sad, but true. Divorce solicitors specialize in handling the paperwork legally separating a married couple or annulling the marriage if it qualifies. Next we’ll look at family law, as it usually goes hand in hand with divorces.

Family law solicitors can handle divorces and other aspects of family law. They arrange finances, custody and visitation in child custody cases. They also handle marriages, paternity suits, domestic violence, and adoptions, too.The next type of civil litigation on the list is malpractice solicitors.

As the name suggests, malpractice solicitors pursue medical malpractice cases. Medical malpractice is when a doctor makes a bad decision that doesn’t meet the standard of medical care expected and hurts or kills a patient. Medical malpractice often has long term effects on the person or their family. We’ll look at personally injury ans accident solicitors next.

Motor vehicle accidents, nursing home abuse, on the job injuries and other issues are the specialty of personal injury solicitors. They help the injured party get monetary compensation. Accident solicitors handle similar cases to the personal injury solicitor, often overlapping in cases of injuries and accidents. Again the goal is monetary compensation for the victim. Next we’ll take a run at the border of immigration solicitors.

Immigration is a hot topic, deciding whether a person has the right stay in a country or not. These solicitors usually work with government agencies, dealing with immigration enforcement and deportation litigation.The last type of civil solicitor that we’ll look at is bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a person or business filing a court motion to have their dept forgiven. When it comes to bankruptcy, the goal is for businesses and individual to get the best terms possible. Hopefully they will be able to keep their personal items, including their house, cars, and other possessions. Let’s look at the last two types of law.

Administrative law is just like it sounds, it’s all about making rules, and going to court about the specifics of the law.

Criminal law has two sides, those getting charged with a crime9+*, defendants. And those pursuing the criminals, prosecutors.

We have looked at many types of litigation solicitors. Each has their function, besides to fill an empty seat on a bus going off a cliff. Hopefully this breakdown will change your outlook. Always remember to make contact and find out if you have the best solicitors in London for the service that you need. When you contact them, whether it is online or on the phone, remember to ask for Free Solicitor Advice so they can fight for your rights.