London Solicitors: Best of the Best

In the UK, whether you are the owner of a large corporation or an entrepreneur just starting out with their business there are a couple of things many would say you would absolutely need, a good accountant, a good support system, and a good solicitor. Solicitors are highly essential when it comes to most legal proceedings, a client would do well to find a well known and highly experienced solicitor for their needs. Hiring a solicitor from a legal company may be a good bet. One of the top legal companies in the United Kingdom’s Slaughter and May in London. This law firm has more than 700 lawyers and has one of the best case win rates around. This legal company has offices all around the world including Hong Kong and Brussels and they work with clients in football clubs, entertainment companies and industrial conglomerates. Another great legal company to look for an experienced solicitor is Norton Rose. This legal company is also one of the best and is also located in London. Being one of the world’s largest companies they employ more than 2500 lawyers worldwide and have bases on several continents including Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. London Solicitors are among the best trained and most experienced.
One may ask what exactly a solicitor is and what they can do for me or my company. A solicitor is a trained and educated person who is able to provide expert legal advice for mostly every situation. These trained professionals may be hired to just serve on a prevention committee to being called in on a need basis. Solicitors can have individuals as well as large corporations as their clients. Many solicitors have an area of expertise but can also advise on more general issues as well. Solicitors may work for a profit as well as working for those that are not able to pay for their services. The term solicitor is mostly only used in the English system. Meaning you will usually find people that identify as solicitors work in law firms in London, England, and Scotland. The term solicitor is rarely used in America. Another legal usually only used in the English system is barrister. I make reference to this term since it is very commonly confused with the position of a solicitor. A solicitor is the legal representative that a client would go to if they needed legal advice or needed someone to prepare legal documents while a barrister is someone who actually argues that case in court in front of a judge. Solicitors rarely are seen in court and barristers are rarely closely involved with the client. Although there are some times that s the responsibilities of the two positions may over lap.
Solicitors in the UK have many different clients and each client may require the solicitor to handle different things. So what really falls under the responsibility of a solicitor? This question is not easily answered as not every solicitor has the same skill sets or are authorised to work on certain topics of law. There may be London law firms that make it mandatory for their solicitors to know more about commercial law while some firms in Scotland may require their solicitors to know more about local government law. A solicitors responsibility may be include banking law, common law, dealing with civil liberties and rights, licensing law, environmental law, and employment law to name a few. A solicitor can in fact act on the behalf of his client this privilege can range from document signage to representing the clients in court. Also solicitors are responsible for the paperwork that is to be submitted if there is a court cast to take place. They have to make sure that all the research for the case was done and verified before letting the barrister present it in court.
With all the important information that a solicitor has to review and digest it is important to know that they have all the proper education and are legally licensed. The process of getting all the education and certifications to become a solicitor is a long but rewarding one. For someone to even be able to practice a solicitor must first receive an actual law degree from an accredited university followed by various courses that will certify them an expert in different areas of law. For example solicitors in London will most likely have had to complete a course in commercial law. London Solicitors have a very high win rate in this area of law. Even after the solicitor has completed all the mandatory classes to allow them to practice, they will constantly have to take continuing education course to stay up to date on the different changes in the law.