You Should Welcome Free legal Advice With Open Arms

Nowadays, going to see a solicitor can set you back a few thousand! With the economy in uncertainty, and everyone trying to climb back from the recent recession in the UK, if you find yourself in a legal problem and there is a solicitor offering you free legal advice you should welcome it with open arms. Legal issues are complicated, there are so many reasons that you may need to seek advice.
In the event of a death, your family member might have not left a will, and it may not be clear as to who is the rightful holder of the funding left being. In this case, you would most certainly need to seek free legal advice before pushing ahead with any type of proceedings. You wouldn’t want to go full force and pay for a solicitor without the knowledge that you would actually have a right to be able to lay claim to some of the funds at the end of the legalities. This is not something that people like to think about, but it is becoming more and more common in the UK. People die, and forget to leave a will behind all the time. Money can make families tear apart, in this case the only way to resolve the issue is to do it legally.
If you have a custody case on your hands because of a recent divorce, and are faced with an ex that has bitter sweet hatred toward you with regard to who gets to live with your child. You really need to seek free legal advice. Divorce cases are very complex, and you do not want to be seen as breaking the law in terms of rights of access and which parent gets to see the child when. Moreover, it is usually the kids that get harmed more than those battling it out in the divorce courts. You should make sure to seek free legal advice and try to resolve the matter neutrally if possible to save the sanity of all parties involved.
Another case that might see you needing to take a trip to a solicitor is a land issue. In the UK, there are so many property owners who are faced with disputes over land. Humorous as it may seem when sitting down at your local pub of a Sunday afternoon, talking about the crazy neighbour whom you have next door that thinks part of your fence is, in fact, his. Or that your apple tree is on ‘his side” small issues can escalate and become big in a short space of time. That is why you should try your level best to resolve the problem and bite it in the bud before it gets way out of hand.
All in all, whenever you find yourself with legal issues, before you pay hefty fees to see a solicitor without knowing if you have rights in the case you claim, the best port of call that you have is to seek free legal advice. Go to your local citizens’ advice bureau and ask them about this service in your area.